I learnt about Android Gmail, low space and not syncing

A few days ago my Android phone started showing the dreaded "Low on space Phone storage space is getting low" message - not the first time.

However it was 6 o'clock in the morning and I was getting ready for work so didn't worry about it too much and decided to sort it out later.

When I got home that evening and checked my email there were a load of emails that I hadn't seen on the phone. Checking on the phone there was also an email that hadn't sent - fortunately it wasn't anything important.

Trying to sync on Gmail on the phone didn't even show the refresh icon. I could see the emails in the "unread" folder but not in the Inbox and I still couldn't send.

Eventually linking the two things I removed an application to make space and suddenly everything started working again. Now knowing what the issue was I was able to see other people had encountered the same "feature".

I'm not sure why they do this - I guess they don't have to code around situations where they run out of space - however some form of warning would have been nice.