I learnt about GUID debugger visualizers

We use GUIDs quite a lot and one of the annoyances is debugging them. When you open them up to view them in the debugger all you can do is trace into the non-public members and look at the underlying array.

By accident I found that if you click on the type name “{System.Guid}” it displays the GUID as a string. Voila!

I learnt that IPAddress.Parse may not parse as expected

One of our developers spotted an issue that a PGM network was not listening on the address we expected. After some investigation we tracked it down to IPAddress.Parse.

We were passing in an address of “xxx.xxx.xxx.010” and getting back “xxx.xxx.xxx.8”

It appears that it treats each section separately and interpreted “010” as octal … hence the 8 !

Not quite what we expected.