I learnt about DDD day

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 5th Developer Developer Developer day in Reading. It was really well organised and I certainly got a lot out of it. The standard of presentations was, on the whole, very good. The slides and code are available for download from here ... http://www.developerday.co.uk/ddd/slides.asp.

I attended the following talks:

Multi threading patterns - quite in-depth presentation. Covered a lot of ground and some interesting approaches.

An introduction to unit testing with mock objects - very high level and only covered RhinoMock.

Agile methods for ISVs - A bit repetive, contrasting agile approaches in ISVs and Enterprises.

Being lazy is an art form - Extending VS using DxCore. Seems to be quite a powerful way of extending Visual Studio.

Object thinking - Excellent presentation on thinking about objects in a different way to the traditional approach. A real thought exercise.